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11th Owl Vintage Blog

Hello blog readers of the world. Thank you for accidentally clicking on my site and some how stumbling on to this blog. My name is Nelani a.k.a. "Nifty Nel" and owner of 11th Owl. By day I'm a graphic designer, and by night...well I'm still a graphic designer, just probably one that fell asleep on her keyboard.

I live in sunny Tampa, Florida and love collecting cool old things (not an invitation for old dudes to email me with a clever line about having an old thing), especially paper products. I grew up in a town with a lot of elderly folks and so naturally the town was filled with some amazing thrift shops, garage sales, and estate sales. Over the years I've collected some pretty neat pieces and wanted a place I can easily go back to check them out.

So here we are...doing that Blog thing people have been doing for year and I'm just now checking out. I am a designer NOT a writer so I'm sure you will find some fun errors or funky english on this new venture. Every post is 100% from my brain and just an opinion not a fact of any sort. I try to include any years or info I find. Looking forward to some of these posts. Enjoy, and feel free to share.

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