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Nesbitt's Orange Advertising from the LIFE magazine August 6th, 1956 issue. Vol. 41 No. 6

I love how vibrant this Ad is. It really stand out in the magazine which is filled with mostly black and white Ads and a few full colored photos / illustrated Ads. Nesbitt's products debuted in 1927 and became one of the most iconic soda brands in the 1940's and 1950's. They even had a known model name Marilyn Monroe in their advertising.

I don't think the pictures do it justice. In person it's a fluorescent orange. Almost like they used an orange highlighter to color it in.

I will say since my cursive training seriously lacked growing up my brain read this as Seslitt's then Neslitt's at first. Maybe it's the upper foxtail that threw me off.

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