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We're waiting for you.

The Red Lobster Inn Advertising from the Walt Disney World Vacationland magazine

Fall / Winter, 1974-75 issue. Vol. 4 No. 1

Well this Ad made me laugh the second I saw it. It's absolutely amazing! The look on his face, the comb over, the big bold text with the statement "We're waiting for you." which just makes the whole thing a touch more creepy.

It's almost like he's fishing for victims with a big plate of seafood. Even the copy is amazingly creepy. "We're waiting for you. Waiting with our broiled rock lobster. Our tender fillets of flounder. Our big fat scrumptious shrimp cocktail. We're waiting. Just for you. When you're dead....."

Just read that with a creepy voice and emphasis on a few words....I'd watch whatever C grade horror movie that'd turn out to be.

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