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1954 BEAR Cub Scout Book

I got these 3 vintage cub scout books that I'll be posting about individually. I love the style of illustration on the covers. They each have between 150-190 pages full of little illustrations.

First up in the 1954 Bear Scout Book Cover. Looks like they cutout a watercolor illustration of a bear and pasted it on a watercolor background.

Bear Cub Scout Book - Boy Scouts of America

That kerning....

Seems like Mom and Dad signs off on whatever task was achieved.

Learn a knot trick to fool you dad...then have him sign HERE for being such a fool. Also we are looking mighty spiffy with that feather in our turban.

Warning - Do not attempt to rope a cub. They will not happily follow you and more than likely mama bear will eat you.

Boats, boats, we are making a boat. The rubber band with a washer for motor...Neato! I want to try this.

A lot of engineering work these kids put into their toys / play. I lacked in building skills at that age. I just played with my pound puppies and watched my 90s cartoons.

"With a little practice you can get 'Sweet music' out of the simplest things." SWEET I can find a bucket....but Piano wire...nope....broom stick? nope i have a vacuum. Now bottle flutes, those are a classic. Home made band here we come to annoy our neighbors!

Ahhh the leghorn is almost as big as a pony!!!! What are they feeding these farm animals!

"And for my last trick I will remove my thumb. Don't be scared ladies and gents I didn't really detach my's MAGIC."

I never did the girl scout nor had friends that did any of this so not sure what they do now a days, but was interesting to look back in what the kids in 50's did. This book is filled with so many more pages like Party Chef, Indian signs, Play Acting, Bike Safety, Shadow Play, Sculpture, Shacks, and of course how to join the Scouts. 156 pages total. Originally 45 cents.

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