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SHAZZAN and The Glass Princess

Hanna-Barbera's SHAZZAN , The Glass Princess

by Don Christensen 1968 A Big Little book.

This book is from a series of "Big Little Book" by Hanna-Barbera. They are little thick books, but easy reads. Every single page has a different illustration. In total this book has 248 pages and about 119 illustrations total. That's a decent amount of illustrations for a children's book.

It was really hard to photograph this little book. If opened it to wide the binding would snap. But other than that it was in decent condition with every page in tact.

The font design on the cover I initially read wrong. The Z's are one big lightning bolt looking shape I read it as "Shazan" rather than "Shazzan." Even though it's a cool little "ZZ" My brain did not interpret that till i saw the proper spelling on the interior of the book. Now that i know it's two Zs i see it...but it's important to point out when working with type how are others going to view it. I always ask friends, family, coworkers, their reaction to whatever I'm working on. Sometimes we are so close to our work we need another pair of eyes to notice things we wouldn't. You can take what you need from the feedback to improve your work. Ultimately you are the designer and don't have to change anything if you can stand behind your decision.

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